Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to curate content, and how do you provide value for news organizations?

Curation is the process of picking out what is meaningful from a large pool of information. While curation is crucial for any news organization, many of them do not have the time, personnel, or organizational capacity to conduct all their data gathering and curating operations in-house. We supply news organizations with reporting curated by people on the ground where breaking news are taking place.

Who should sign up for premium service?

If you cover the news, report on international affairs or just want to follow the daily happenings of the Syrian Revolution, you are a perfect candidate for the premium Media Wire.

What global events will you be covering in the near future?

Our intention is to create a global media wire covering a variety of geographies and subject areas. Contact us to find out about specific topics you may be interested in.

I am interested what you do and would like to contribute. How may I do that?

Just contact us at mediawire at mediawire dot co.